Hi! My name is Kim Parrales and I am the founder of Locks Of Promise! I started this project in October of 2014 with the intention of making an impact to as many organizations and causes I hold dear.  

I was born and raised in Ecuador, and ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to make an impact in this world. My dream job was to become a missionary (I know, what a dreamer!) but my mother thought I was too young to go on missions. So she allowed me to pursue my passion for helping others by volunteering through my local church. 

 When I moved to the United States to attend college, I ended up living at a Youth Transitional Living Program in New Jersey. This type of program is designed to help people fight homelessness. I was very lucky to be taken in at this place ,because like other assistance programs, the waiting list is endless. Living here was interesting. I met so many people fighting different battles like alcoholism, domestic violence and sexual abuse, just to name a few. This may not sound like the best environment to be surrounded by, but I have to say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. This place not only opened up my eyes and exposed me to a world I never thought about, but it helped me finish college, taught me life skills  and most importantly, it showed me how to be resilient.

 This experience has been my biggest inspiration to continue to impact as many lives as I can. After all, I received help when I needed it the most, it would only be fair to do the same for others. 

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