Original Brass Lock Necklace

Original Lock Necklace .jpg
Original Lock Necklace .jpg

Original Brass Lock Necklace

from 23.00

This item includes the following: 

  • Brass padlock 
  • Brass,Copper or Silver 27'' chain
  • Hand-stamped word of your choice

Locks of Promise concept is based on positive affirmations that will serve as a reminder for yourself or others. We would like to keep that concept with the words we have listed. If you'd like a customized order, we can definitely do so, however, there will be an extra charge as follow:

  • BE (your word)- $3.00
  • Customized (one word)- $5.00
  • Customized ( from 2-4 words)- $7.00

If you have any questions or requests, please email us at locksofpromise@gmail.com


Chain color:
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