Locks of Promise are padlocks that carry on personalized, hand-stamped affirmations,
   such as "Be Brave", "Be Kind" or "Be Fearless". Such affirmations are promises 
   we make to ourselves and/or to others. By engraving  our affirmations and carrying them on locks, 
   we create a constant reminder of our promises and the importance 
    to keep and fulfill them. 

The Locks of Promise mission is to create products that serve as tools for self-empowerment 
and positivity, while, at the same time, help our communities to break the cycle 
of social issues, such as Domestic Violence and Homelessness. 

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      LOCK YOUR PROMISE.                EMPOWER LIVES.

Find out how by locking your promise, you are contributing to our community and making an impact in someone else's life. 

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