As a lover of vintage and handmade accessories, founder Kim Parrales decided to explore the art of jewelry making. Kim was not a professional jeweler, but she did know about recycling materials and transforming them into accessories. In 2014, she found a few small, unused padlocks in her home and decided to use them as a pendant.  Inspired by the famous “Love locks” at the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris, where people handwrite or engrave their names on a padlock and lock it to the bridge as a symbol of their eternal love,Kim decided to hand-engrave her lock with a positive affirmation: “Be Brave”.  She soon began engraving more locks with other affirmations for herself, such as “Be Fearless”, “Be Free” and “Be Dope”.  As Kim started to don her lock necklaces, friends quickly began questioning her and fell in love with the idea of having their own positive affirmations engraved on locks.  
Ironically, around the same time she started engraving the locks, Kim started working with her friend Nicole James, the founder of “Faith & Hope”,  a Domestic Violence awareness program in New Jersey. Feeling compelled to connect her locks with "Faith & Hope" and the Domestic Violence social issue, Kim found the perfect link. 


As a universal symbol, locks represent safety, security and/or strength.
When someone experiences any type of abuse, the one thing that makes him/her stay or remain silent about it is FEAR; fear of numerous things such as financial instability, lack of family support, shame and so forth.  However, when a person decides to speak up or leave this abusive environment, the one thing that he/she wants to feel is SAFE



A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not to do something.  Throughout our lifetime, we don’t only make promises to others but to ourselves. Sometimes, these promises are fulfilled, and sometimes they are not.  Ultimately, we all want to keep and fulfill these promises.
A lock's sole purpose is to keep something secure or safe.  So what better way to keep a promise than by locking it?
This is how the symbolism and the name of Locks of Promise was born!